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Thank you for clicking your way to me. My name is Kimberly Ming and I have over 11 years of bridging cultural gaps worldwide. It all started as a young girl when I was immersed in the culturally diverse family of a resilient Chinese mother and a dynamic Puerto-Rican (mixed) father in Fort Collins, CO. Growing I was challenged by topics of identity and culture and now I thrive on them. Now I claim my experiences as a unique gift and I am grateful to be able to help others do the same.

It has been an honor to work with various events and companies like TEDx, KUSA 9news, Rocky Mountain PBS, and JLove Calderon. My work with 9news was nominated for an Emmy




Popular keynotes

A highly energized keynote can transform your event from a mandatory training day to an inspirational experience. Thus, from this day forward I vow to give you an entertaining and engaging keynote address that enhances your company’s mission and goals.

  • Finding Your Voice, Sharing Your Story

  • The World is Mixing: Mixed Race Identities

  • From Pain to Gain: Building Resilience

  • Cultural Competency in a Quickly Changing World


workshop series

Specialized workshop series are available after a 30 minute free consultation to determine your needs and growth points. Packages are determined after consultation.